Student Leadership and Enterprise

Student Leadership

Our student leadership program is an essential part of the development of our year 6 and 7 students.  As a group students are led through areas of development and ways to contribute to the school in a student leadership capacity.

Student leaders will be tasked with co-developing their leadership experiences to include the following:

  • Mentoring – This may take place across year levels or based on a level of experience or knowledge.
  • Creating School Culture – Leaders look at the positive aspects they would like to see in our school and set activities and events to build the school culture.
  • Reducing Bullying – Leaders actively reduce bullying by both modelling our school values and strategic activities that contribute to our anti-bullying policy.
  • Creating Activity – Leaders plan and implement enjoyable activities that may be held at play time or throughout the week.
  • Fundraising – Leaders co-design fundraising activities for strategic purposes. Communicating with all levels of the schools community including, students, staff, leadership, governing council and families.
  • Representing the School in the Community – Leaders seek out opportunities to represent the school in our wider community. Student leaders have represent the school previously in official facility openings, Anzac Day services and hosting visiting groups and dignitaries.

Student leaders are recognised formally at an assembly in term 2 with the presentation of Leadership Jumpers which students co-design.

The Ungarra Primary School Enterprise Group

Our Enterprise Committee is made up of a voluntary group of students who are committed to primarily raising money to support our ongoing Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program as well as other things in and around the school.

This is done in a variety of ways such as hosting and catering for many visiting groups, turning our fruit and vegetables into produce for sale, holding stalls and much more.

As part of Enterprise, students also learn about being on a committee, the various positional roles and what they mean, as well as how to conduct meetings.  Much of their work relies on liaising with the school and businesses in order to make these projects happen.

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