We live in the small community of Ungarra and we are blessed to have our children go to Ungarra Primary School. It is a diverse and inclusive school that goes above and beyond to nurture and develop our children. We cannot speak highly enough of the care and continuous drive that is provided to our children and we enjoy seeing this through our children’s increasing development. We class the Ungarra Primary School as part of our family and we will be forever grateful to the staff and school for all of the support given through difficult times.

Ungarra PS Parent

My son is a happy child and has settled in well at Ungarra Public School, commencing Reception in 2021. Every aspect of his being is valued and nurtured. Each and every teacher is passionate about his learning and I have no doubt in my mind that this is where he is meant to be, enriching his education and growth, physically, socially, and emotionally. He shows a drive in his learning and always has a yearning to do his best. Ungarra Primary School isn’t just a school, it is an extended family.
Ungarra PS Parent

Ungarra students were respectful, polite and happy, a pleasure to teach. Ungarra primary school students achieved great things. I have never seen a group achieve a particular class as well as the Ungarra primary school students.
Port Lincoln Swimming Instructors

Comments from Port Lincoln Garden Club Visit (3 May 2021)

Members had a beautiful meal today. It was well presented with a beautiful coloured menu and native flowers adorned the table which was well presented with a table cloth and napkins. Each child gave a presentation on the different aspects involved with their preparation of the meal. The children were very respectful and attentive. The German Flatbread, Margareta pizza, the soup and Fig Galette and Rhubarb and Apple Surprise were delicious.
The Port Lincoln Garden Club

I am so proud of Ungarra School and you girls. The lunch was superb, in taste and presentation and also served with friendliness and a smile. I am proud to be associated with your school through my grandsons. I give the award of EXCELLENCE!
Iris Lucena – nanny of Levi, Monty and Tex

Very impressed. Well done, wonderful training for your futures. Wish my grandchildren went here!! The lunch, service etc was first class. Thank you, well done.
Sue Myers

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