The Ungarra Primary School is needing a new playground as the 2023 report has deemed the current playground is unfit for use. The quote to replace the playground is over $100, 000.

The playground is a key element within the school and broader community, not only for the children’s play and development, but also for the community connection and mental health. The Ungarra school playground is the only playground in the township of Ungarra.

The Ungarra school, being a small rural community has limited families to draw funds from to raise this money needed for the playground.

The Playground committee is seeking funds from grants, businesses and donations to help us achieve our target of raising the funds by the end of the 2024 financial year.

The school community will be continuing to brainstorm ideas for how to raise these funds, and is in the beginning stages.

To begin however, the Ungarra Primary school will be involved in this years SALA festival, holding an art exhibit at the local Ungarra Hall for the month of August. A key part of this exhibit, will be the opening event, which will be held early in August, with the theme being “The Banquet”. The opening event will be a three course meal, live entertainment and a delightful atmosphere celebrating food, fun and community.

Details and a booking link are still to come, but watch this space.

If you would like to start off our donation drive, please do so by giving to the following details.

Account Name: Ungarra Primary School
BSB: 633000
Acc: 145250403

Reference: Playground

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